World’s First Volumetric Video Conference (point clouds) over a Public 5G Network: a medical emergency example

VRTogether was present at VRDays Europe 2020, showcasing the world’s first live 3D video conference, using point clouds, over a commercial 5G network. VRTogether partners CWI and Sound presented a live demo to demonstrate the potential of the platform for emergency healthcare services. The demo showcased volumetric video conferencing (based on point clouds) between a [...]

HUMAN4D: Human-Centric Multimodal Dataset for Motions and Immersive Media created by VRTOGETHER’s consortium members CERTH, CWI, Artanim

HUMAN4D is a new multimodal human-centric 4D dataset containing a large corpus with more than 50K samples. By capturing 2 female and 2 male professional actors performing various full-body movements and expressions, HUMAN4D provides a diverse set of motions and poses encountered as part of single- and multi-person daily, physical and social activities (jumping, dancing, [...]

Meet VRTogether at VRDays 2020!

VRTogether returns to VRDays, the main European event on immersive content, to showcase how technology can enrich our lives and enhance our human well-being. Travelling to another country, visiting the hospital, providing a safer work environment or enjoying an exhibition are some of the experiences enabled by VRTogether innovative Social VR system, which allows users [...]

VRTogether co-organized the “First International Workshop on Tools for Creating XR Media Experiences”, colocated with IEEE ICME 2020

In a joint effort with the EU H2020 ImAc and Hyper360 projects, VRTogether co-organized the “First International Workshop on Tools for Creating XR Media Experiences”, co-located with the IEEE ICME 2020 conference, that was planned to be originally held in London (6-10 July). Due to COVID-19, all tracks and side events of the conference were [...]
Figure 1. The virtual dome for demo presentation

Exploitation activities from VRTogether awarded at ACM IMX 2020

VRTogether project partner CWI participated in the 2020 ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (ACM IMX 2020), held virtually from June 17-19, 2020. On the first day of the conference, CWI’s team presented the social VR clinic, one of the VRTogether exploitation activities targeting the healthcare domain. The demo is entitled “A Social VR [...]

Social VR for remote scientific events? VRTogether co-organizes a CHI2020 Workshop on Social VR in Mozilla Hubs during COVID-19

Jie Li and Pablo Cesar, from the Distributed Interactive Systems group (DIS) at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), have successfully organized the ACM CHI2020 Social VR Workshop on a social VR platform called Mozilla Hubs. This workshop was co-organized together with David A. Shamma (FXPAL Laboratory), Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (BBC R&D), Raz Schwartz (Facebook AR/VR), and [...]

VRTogether at IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR)

VRTogether will be present at the second edition of the IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, which will take place in San Diego (USA). On Tuesday, 10 December, CWI researcher Dr. Pablo Cesar will give a keynote on "Using Volumetric Video for Remote Communication and Collaboration: development and evaluation of a social VR [...]