VR-Together wins Best Exhibition Award at NEM 2019

An international panel of experts gathered  in Zagreb on 22-23 May to discuss the future of interactive technologies and new media. The 11th New European Media (NEM) Summit presented a packed programme of conferences, roundtables and an exhibition featuring the VR-Together project. VR-Together partner TNO showcased a demo that enabled visitors to try the photo-realistic social virtual reality [...]

VR-Together at CERTH-ITI Open Day 2019

VR-Together was present at CERTH-ITI Open Day 2019, which was held on Friday 10/5 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event is organized every year as part of the “EU in my region” campaign, and includes two sessions, a public and an industrial one, respectively. During the lifetime of the Open Day, several tour guides lead the [...]

VR Communication and 5G networks

5G networks offer a substantial improvement over previous mobile network generations. As always for each new generation, more bandwidth is promised. But, 5G also offers improvement in other areas: ultra-low latency on the radio layer, distributed in-network processing with edge computing near the base stations, network slicing to offer improved quality guarantees, and a dynamic [...]

Promoting social VR at joint 3GPP SA4 & VR Industry Forum Workshop

A joint 3GPP SA4 & VR Industry Forum Workshop on VR Ecosystem and Standards took place in Santa Clara from 4th-6th December. Close to 150 participants from companies such as Apple, AT&T, Dolby, Ericsson, Intel, Movielabs, Oculus, Samsung, Qualcomm and Verizon attended sessions on standardisation coordination, VR content production, service provider and VR Hardware/device manufacturer […]