Pre-Pilot Technology Test in CERTH premises

Pilots are checkpoints to evaluate the creative and technical challenges of the project, aiming at assessing the performance of the technological developments, validating and refining the defined evaluation methodology and assessing the appropriateness of the technology and created scenarios / content to provide truly realistic and interactive social VR experiences. CERTH successfully completed 2 full [...]

HUMAN4D: Human-Centric Multimodal Dataset for Motions and Immersive Media created by VRTOGETHER’s consortium members CERTH, CWI, Artanim

HUMAN4D is a new multimodal human-centric 4D dataset containing a large corpus with more than 50K samples. By capturing 2 female and 2 male professional actors performing various full-body movements and expressions, HUMAN4D provides a diverse set of motions and poses encountered as part of single- and multi-person daily, physical and social activities (jumping, dancing, [...]

Kinect4Azure for VRTogether Volumetric Capture

Since Microsoft announced their plans for the release of a new Kinect RGBD sensor, the entire technological community has been waiting patiently. It was unfortunate that the production of the previous Kinect v2 halted, as it was considered one of the best, with respect to the depth estimation quality, low-cost RGBD sensors. The continuation of […]

VR-Together at CERTH-ITI Open Day 2019

VR-Together was present at CERTH-ITI Open Day 2019, which was held on Friday 10/5 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event is organized every year as part of the “EU in my region” campaign, and includes two sessions, a public and an industrial one, respectively. During the lifetime of the Open Day, several tour guides lead the [...]

VRTogether wins the Best Demo Award at MMM2019

VRTogether project partner CERTH participated at the 25th International MultiMedia Modeling Conference (MMM) with the SpaceWars demo. MMM conference is a leading international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all multimedia-related areas. The MMM 2019 program is organized in several regular oral sessions, [...]

New capturing experiment for HMD removal research

VRTogether partner CERTH will soon start capturing face content in 3D (RGB-D), with and without a head-mounted display (HMD), to be used for HMD-removal and any other research purpose of the project. In this post, we present the key components of the experiment and provide shots of the user lab located at CERTH. The photos […]