VRTogether co-organized the “First International Workshop on Tools for Creating XR Media Experiences”, colocated with IEEE ICME 2020

In a joint effort with the EU H2020 ImAc and Hyper360 projects, VRTogether co-organized the “First International Workshop on Tools for Creating XR Media Experiences”, co-located with the IEEE ICME 2020 conference, that was planned to be originally held in London (6-10 July). Due to COVID-19, all tracks and side events of the conference were [...]

Improving the Holoportation with a cloud based solution!

In VRTogether the users are holoported inside a three-dimensional scenario, and they can remotely participate in a social virtual experience. The technology used to represent them is called Volumetric Video, and thanks to the most advanced real time compression and transmission systems, it is possible to transmit, over the internet, this novel video representation. However, [...]
Recorded presented integrated into the virtual environment of pilot 2 (left) and live presenter captured from a Chroma key room (right)

Pilot 2 in Barcelona: validating the technology and the experience!

In VRTogether, three pilots have been planned to evaluate its creative and technological contributions towards the creation of truly realistic and interactive social VR experiences. After a successful pilot 1 in the first year of the project, the execution of pilot 2 started in November 2019 with a first round of tests at the i2CAT [...]

The VR-Together Lab gets on track

Call for VR users and professionals interested in testing photorealistic Social VR experiences With Social Virtual Reality emerging as a new medium where users can remotely experience immersive content with others, the achievement of a true feeling of ‘being there together’ has become a key goal. The VR-Together project is addressing this challenge by developing [...]

VRTogether and the future of Social VR

The virtual reality market is gaining more traction by the day, large players in the field develop new innovative solutions to maximise immersiveness and a lot is fueled by the social media giant named Facebook who owns one of the most powerful companies in the field, Oculus. It’s Chief Scientist, Michael Abrash, recently published an […]