The i2CAT Foundation is a non-profit research and technology centre that promotes R&D activities in the fields of the Internet and advanced digital technologies. It has pioneered an innovation model based on collaboration between companies, public administrations, academia and users.

The activities and initiatives carried out by i2CAT focus on three objectives: (1) generating knowledge through participation in international research projects, with a key role in the European Union framework program for research and innovation; (2) promoting collaboration with companies through the execution of R&D projects aimed at developing innovative solutions that provide added value to the market; and (3) leading local initiatives and innovative projects to deploy digital strategies and policies aligned with public administrations.

The Media & Internet Area of i2CAT focuses its work on different research, development and innovation areas related to the transmission and visualisation of multimedia contents applied to the media, culture, education and tourism industry sectors, linking fundamental and applied research with industrial collaboration with some of the most prestigious Catalan audiovisual companies. Its mid-term strategy is focused mainly on the following R+D+I lines: networked media and interactive and immersive virtual environments.

Role in the Project

i2CAT coordinates VRTogether, leads work package 4, contributes significantly in the standalone player and in the evaluation, and provides the technical backend required to run tests: servers, cloud infrastructure, and hardware for piloting. It also coordinates the execution of the pilots and the communication of the project.

Team members
Latest posts
VRTogether co-organized the “First International Workshop on Tools for Creating XR Media Experiences”, colocated with IEEE ICME 2020
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Improving the Holoportation with a cloud based solution!
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Spanish students get immersed in the VRTogether experience
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The VR-Together Lab gets on track
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A new pilot to push the boundaries of social VR
The VR-Together project is ready to take big steps forward in the year ahead. After a kick-starting pilot showing the ...
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VRTogether and the future of Social VR
The virtual reality market is gaining more traction by the day, large players in the field develop new innovative solutions ...
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