Mentoring Students in Social VR

The VRTogether project conducts ground-breaking research on Social VR. In addition, the project mentors master’s students in this area, forming a new generation of graduates that can, in the future, reshape the media landscape. CWI has been active, offering master’s thesis around the core topics of the project. Last year, two students graduated at TU [...]

Understanding and Measuring Social VR Experiences

By Jie Li, Francesca de Simone, and Pablo Cesar, CWI VRTogether partner CWI has created a new protocol and set of metrics for evaluating social VR experiences with end-users. The protocol and metrics include both quantitative and qualitative aspects, such as a new questionnaire combining presence, immersion, and togetherness; and a set of objective metrics […]

MPEG Activity on Point Cloud Compression

A point cloud is defined as a set of points in 3D space with specified geometry coordinates and associated attributes such as colour. Point clouds are an important emerging format for VR applications because of their simplicity and versatility. There are no restrictions on the attributes associated with every point in the cloud. Point clouds […]