The pilots are fundamental part of VRTogether. The project is creating a coherent storyline across three pilots — each one of them being one scene in an overall plot.

The plotline relates to a police theme (police investigation or interrogation), which will fulfil the basic requirements of the project. This storyline will exploit the uniqueness of the project, a team composed of technical and artistic experts, by creating a brand new experience of social VR that makes the most of the writing possibilities.

Pilot 1

Police Interrogation

Two users watch a police interrogation from the dark side of the room. During the experience, the users can interact and talk about the scene while seeing each other in a photo-realistic quality 3D representation.

Pilot 2

Live Scenario

Four users are placed in a TV news studio where the presenter is giving an overview of the news of the day. When the murder is being reported, users are holo-ported to the crime scene where a journalist relates the details of the murder.

Upcoming pilots

Pilot 3: Interactivity
Available soon