WP 1

Project Management

WP 2

User Centred Design and Platform integration

D2.1 User scenarios, requirements and architecture v1
D2.2 User scenarios, requirements and architecture v2
D2.3 User scenarios, requirements and architecture v3

WP 3

Technical Components

D3.2 Report on the initial software versions
D3.8 Software Components final version

WP 4

Pilots, content production and evaluation

D4.1 First example of content
D4.2 Technical report on first pilot | D4.2 Annexes
D4.3 Second example of content
D4.4 Technical report on second pilot
D4.5 Third example of content delivered
D4.6 Technical report on third pilot
D4.7 Final version of the content demonstrations

WP 5

Innovation, Dissemination and Exploitation

D5.1 Market analysis report v1
D5.2 Market analysis report v2
D5.3 Market analysis report v3
D5.7 Documentation and technical fact sheets. v1
D5.8 Documentation and technical fact sheets. v2
D5.9 Documentation and technical fact sheets. v3