Motion Spell

Motion Spell is an SME specialized in audio-visual media technologies. Motion Spell was created in 2013 in Paris, France.

Motion Spell was initially created to support the industry activities of an open-source project called GPAC under the name “GPAC Licensing”. GPAC is a multimedia open-source project created in a start-up in 1999 in New-York City around a new set of standards called MPEG-4. MPEG-4 was intended to be an open replacement to Flash.

Therefore the GPAC tools go beyond audio and video (interactivity, subtitles, etc.) ; the tools include authoring tools, packagers, streamers, and a player. GPAC is used by big players such as Youtube, Sony, Samsung, x264, etc. Nowadays the GPAC team is dispatched in different entities, mainly Motion Spell and the Telecom ParisTech University.

The motivation of Motion Spell is to push technical innovation from ideas to standards to prototypes. Motion Spell is committed to open standards and open software as a way to disseminate innovation. Then we accompany our customers to integrate our bricks into their products. This means that:

  1. Motion Spell activities have extended beyond GPAC.
  2. Motion Spell builds standards and software. That involves a lot of R&D.
  3. Motion Spell helped some companies being bootstrapped out of our technical activities. These companies focus on market issues and end-to-end workflows while Motion Spell stays on the R&D side.

Role in the project

On a conceptual and technical level, Motion Spell will focus on the development of transmission open tools. Furthermore, Motion Spell plans to explore encoding requirements for VR to participate in the current standardization efforts and first implementations. Finally we will also assist on the playback side to ensure the end-to-end workflow is covered.

Team members