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The final release of the Volumetric Video Capturing system of CERTH and VRTogether is here!

The Volumetric Capturing (VolCap) system is a toolset designed to orchestrate the capturing, streaming and recording of the data acquired from a multi-sensor infrastructure.

A number of processing units each manage and collect data from a single sensor using a headless application called Eye.

A set of sensors is orchestrated by a centralized UI application, VolCap, that is also the delivery point of the connected sensor streams.

VolCap allows multi-stream synchronization and data-driven and global optimized volumetric alignment (calibration), in order for the data and metadata needed for a 3D mesh reconstruction to be finally captured, encoded and streamed. It also offers an extended variety of real-time RGBD data parameterization from the user interface regarding the image resolutions, compression parameters, sensor presets and so on.

The technical offerings of the new version include:

  • Efficient, scalable and low-resource multi-stream live sensor data acquisition and recording
  • Integration (and mixing) of Kinect 4 Azure and Intel RealSense 2.0 D415 devices
  • Combined hardware (device-specific) and software (IEEE 1588 PTP) multi-stream synchronization
  • Data-driven and global optimized volumetric alignment

The volumetric capture software has been used in various activities such as Live tele-presence in Augmented VR or Mixed/Augmented Reality settings, Performance Capture, Free Viewpoint Video (FVV), Immersive Applications (i.e. events and/or gaming) and Motion Capture.

In CERTH premises, we had the chance to test the final software release and simultaneously capture in high quality human user representations with 4 Microsoft Kinect4Azure and 4 Intel RealSense D415 ToF technology of the Kinect4Azure (K4A). The 4D reconstruction shows promising results that can increase sense of immersion in any application.

The new release comes with a new, organized documentation page available at https://vcl3d.github.io/VolumetricCapture

Author: CERTH

Come and follow us in this VR journey with i2CAT, CWI, TNO, CERTH, Artanim, Viaccess-Orca, TheMo and Motion Spell.

This project has been funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 program, under the grant agreement 762111.