Pablo Cesar

Dr. Pablo Cesar leads Distributed and Interactive Systems group at CWI (The National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands). Pablo‘s research focuses on modeling and controlling complex collections of media objects (including real-time media and sensor data) that are distributed in time and space. Pablo has co-guided five PhD theses about sensing technologies, 3D tele-immersion, accessibility, socially-aware multimedia, and distributed systems; and is currently co-guiding other four about multimedia systems, sensing technology, and QoE. He is the PI from CWI on two H2020 projects about object-based broadcasting (2-IMMERSE) and 3D tele-immersion (VRTogether). Pablo participated as PI as well in very successful EU-funded projects like REVERIE (2011-2015) and Vconect (2011-2014). He has keynoted at venues such as the International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems (2017) and the Workshop on Educational and Knowledge Technologies (2017). Pablo has (co)-authored over 100 articles with several of his publications winning the best paper award: ACM TVX (2018), ACM MMsys (2016 and 2013), the International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems (2016), and WSICC (2013). He is member of the editorial board of, among others, IEEE Multimedia, ACM Transactions on Multimedia and IEEE Transactions of Multimedia. Pablo has given tutorials about multimedia systems in prestigious conferences such as ACM Multimedia, CHI, and the WWW conference. He acted as an invited expert at the European Commission‘s Future Media Internet Architecture Think Tank and participates in standardization activities at MPEG (point-cloud compression) and ITU (QoE for multi-party tele-meetings).


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