Technical milestones

  • Outside-in point cloud capture setup | Photorealistic capture of actors based on pointclouds that allow parallax, usable in a production environment, for human replicants.
  • Room capture | Using either photogrammetry, or manual modelling and photo texturing to deliver a good quality room capture.
  • Live orchestration and rendering | Live connections among content consumers and synchronized consumption of media streams.
  • Point-cloud encoding | A system to distribute efficiently point clouds, integrated with video and 3D mesh streaming.
  • Home video capture setup | Live video capture that can be blended with the content delivered, and usable in a home environment.
  • Home video 3D reconstruction setup
  • Multiple audio and video orchestration
  • Point cloud /3d mesh orchestration


Pilot 1: Police Interrogation

Offline pilot to demonstrate that the innovative media format of VR-Together (orchestrating point clouds, 3DMesh based models and multiple video sources) can produce a more intimate and binding activity.

Pilot 2: Live Scenario

Live production of multi-source immersive content that takes the user to the location where news occurs while sharing it with other people.

Pilot 3: Interactivity

Pilot to demonstrate how the VR-Together platform, in a custom-designed content production process, can allow for a novel form of content where users meet, and blend within the interactive immersive experience.