Fons Kuijk

Dr. Fons Kuijk is senior researcher at CWI specialized in the area of autonomous conversational agents, 3D graphics, computational geometry,  animation and tele-immersion technology. He is interested in HCI and advocates a human-centered approach aimed to make technology supportive rather than leading. His work on nonconventional architectures and algorithms for 3D graphics formed the basis of his PhD. Fons Kuijk is former CTO of frst Epictoid and later Chartoon software (both in Amsterdam), where he managed research and development of conversational agents and innovative tools for production of animations.

He participates in European projects since 1983. In the last decade these include Passepartout (2005–2007) in which he was responsible for conversational agent technology, TA2 (2008–2012) in which he developed an authoring tool for story telling based on images, and REVERIE (2011-2015) in which he was leading the crucial work package on Interaction and Autonomy needed to create an immersive experience in a virtual environment. He was involved in 2-IMMERSE (2015 – 2018) in which he worked on an authoring tool for temporal and spatial aspects of multimedia content. In VRTogether (started in 2017) his work focusses on capturing and rendering of dynamic pointcloud representations.

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