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Understanding Point Cloud Quality Perception

Human body point clouds were used in the experiment, taken from the 8i Voxelixed Full Bodies (8iVFB v2) dataset

VR-Together partner CWI conducted a series of mixed method experiments on understanding user perception of point cloud quality.

24 people participated in the experiment, which was divided into two parts. In the first part, participants were asked to rate the quality of a compressed point cloud compared to its uncompressed version. This allows us to see how user quality ratings change over different compression parameters.

In the second part of the experiment, participants were asked to perform a Sorted Napping of point cloud stimuli. Using a tablet interface, they indicated groups of point clouds that are similar in quality, and explained why they chose to group the point clouds together or apart. This experiment allowed participants to freely express what they consider as important attributes to point cloud quality.

The experiments were done in a standard setup for subjective quality assessments, and serve as initial steps to create better evaluations of point clouds.

Text and pictures: Ernestasia Siahaan РCWI