Gijs den Butter

CEO at SenseGlove

Gijs den Butter (28) co-founded Sense Glove right after his master thesis in Industrial design engineering in Delft (the Netherlands). The thesis was based on a robotic glove for stroke rehabilitation. However after trying VR for the first time he was convinced that with the current state of the art of VR and AR controllers a huge potential in immersion was lost. That is why he and his former supervisor Johannes Luijten founded Sense Glove. Gijs has been working for start-ups during his professional career; he was managing director of a start-up consultancy firm and worked as UX-designer for a startup building smart thermostats.

Understanding how to bring people together in the digital domain has been a huge quest for many years, with VR and the VR together project there is finally a way that looks like it is immersive enough to fully get together in the digital domain.

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