Advisory Board

Amadeu Gassó Gimeno
Francesco D’Andria
George Papagiannakis
Gijs den Butter
Isabelle Lebreton Duval
Jae Maloney
Jerome Royan
Jordi Colom
Sergio Gardella Lozano
Xavi Conesa
Xavier Guardia

Creating an Advisory Board is a great way to invite industry leaders into an ongoing relationship with our project so they can be partners in our success. They can be sounding boards, provide introductions to prospective funders and clients, and they can provide public validation for our business / project.

The list of experts in the Advisory Board includes:

  • Amadeu Gassó Gimeno, currently Director of Technical Facilities and Engineering of the CCMA. As a Technician Supervisor, he held a number of positions at the corporation, including Technical Director, Director of TV3 Technical Facilities and Resources, Head of Operations and Production of TV3 Programs, Head for the Multichannel Technology and Director of Technical Facilities and Engineering.
  • Francesco D’Andria, Head of the Media Sector at Atos Research and Innovation, with over 15 years working experience in the scientific areas that includes Media, Social Media, Gaming and Gamification technologies. He has a long experience in large software R&D projects, including H2020, FP7, FP6 and FP5 projects.
  • George Papagiannakis, who is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at ORamaVR, a startup company providing novel medical VR experiential training. He is also associate professor at the Computer Science department of the University of Crete, Greece and Research Fellow at FORTH-ICS, where he leads the Computer Graphics Group.
  • Gijs den Butter, co-founder of start-up company Sense Glove. He has previously worked for startups as UX-designer and as Managing Director of of a consultancy firm.
  • Isabelle Lebreton Duval, Business Manager at ARKA Studio, 3D Imaging, Virtual Reality. Her mission is focused on customer development, consulting companies in their digital strategy and in the digitalization of their tools.
  • Jae Maloney, currently XR AI Consultant at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, with vast experience in the airline/aviation industry.
  • Jerome Royan, Chief Architect and Senior Scientist at b<>com, in charge of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning applied to computer vision. He created an industrial specification group at ETSI named Augmented Reality Framework, and launched the open source SolAR initiative.
  • Jordi Colom, Technical and Innovation Director at betevé, the Barcelona local TV and radio station, since 2004. He worked previously for EURE (JVC Spain), TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, ZOOM TV and TELSON and FILMTEL.
  • Sergio Gardella Lozano, CEO at Bloompix Studios, holding over 19 years of experience in 3D Animaton and Game Development. He also developed VR experiences for companies such as Samsung, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz and also worked as a consultant for Unity Technologies.
  • Xavi Conesa, Client Services Director at VISYON, an award-winning company empowering innovation through emerging technologies and creative solutions, such as VR, AR, Holograms and AI.
  • Xavier Guardia, currently CEO at Soft For YOU S.L. He holds more than 20 years of experience in design and management of products based on future emerging technologies.