VR strikes back at MPEG

VRTogether project partners Motion Spell, TNO and CWI participated at the last MPEG meetings (#122 and #123) in San Diego and Ljubljana with the intention of getting brand-new feedback around Virtual Reality. It appears that VR activities blossom in many fields:  MPEG-I, OMAF, Point clouds, NBMP, MPEG-MORE. The long-term trend shows that VR is coming […]

The comeback of VR at MPEG

The general feeling from the MPEG community is that Virtual Reality (VR) made a false start. The Oculus rift’s acquisition (2014) for $2bn created a premature launch of a funding bubble that exploded in early 2017. However, the long-term trend shows that VR is coming back on the scene and will soon catch up into […]