3D Character Creation for Interactive VR

The third year of VRTogether is in full swing, and despite the recent pandemic scare our consortium is hard at work creating the technology and content for our third-year pilot. As we have described before, pilot 3 will involve an interactive scenario where users take on an active role trying to solve the mysterious murder [...]

VRTogether goes interactive

Year 3 of VRTogether has started, which is the final year for the project. The first year saw our first pilot, a virtual experience surrounding the death of Elena Armova and the subsequent murder investigation. Two users were able to observe two police interrogations from behind a one way mirror. Taking on the role of [...]

Your body feels good

Do you feel in control of the body that you see? This is an important question in virtual reality (VR) as it highly impacts the user’s sensation of presence and embodiment of an avatar representation while immersed in a virtual environment. To better understand this aspect, VR together partners Artanim performed an experiment to assess […]

New venues for capturing facial performance

VR together partners Artanim and Entropy will soon start shooting cinematic content to be used for showcasing the technology developed by the consortium. In this post we bring some of the production effort developed at Artanim, which is currently exploring the use of Apple’s iPhone X face tracking technology in the production pipeline of 3D […]