VRTogether wins the Best Demo Award at MMM2019

VRTogether project partner CERTH participated at the 25th International MultiMedia Modeling Conference (MMM) with the SpaceWars demo. MMM conference is a leading international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to share new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all multimedia-related areas. The MMM 2019 program is organized in several regular oral sessions, [...]

A roadmap for festivals

Virtual reality is not anymore a fantasy or a sci-fi type of entertainment. Since the last years, numerous festivals have been recognizing virtual reality as a independent category in terms of awards and recognition, making it an art by itself. Today we are going to take a look at some festivals that have recognize virtual […]

VR strikes back at MPEG

VRTogether project partners Motion Spell, TNO and CWI participated at the last MPEG meetings (#122 and #123) in San Diego and Ljubljana with the intention of getting brand-new feedback around Virtual Reality. It appears that VR activities blossom in many fields:  MPEG-I, OMAF, Point clouds, NBMP, MPEG-MORE. The long-term trend shows that VR is coming […]

Your body feels good

Do you feel in control of the body that you see? This is an important question in virtual reality (VR) as it highly impacts the user’s sensation of presence and embodiment of an avatar representation while immersed in a virtual environment. To better understand this aspect, VR together partners Artanim performed an experiment to assess […]

VRTogether has launched a market research study covering VR trends and technologies

VRTogether’s members are currently analysing the market to provide a wide vision of the current market and the expected evolution of the immersive audiovisual products. The objectives of this study are t: Shed light on changing behaviours and associated expectations in audio-visual consumption. Assess the market potential of the solutions developed within VRTogether group both […]

The comeback of VR at MPEG

The general feeling from the MPEG community is that Virtual Reality (VR) made a false start. The Oculus rift’s acquisition (2014) for $2bn created a premature launch of a funding bubble that exploded in early 2017. However, the long-term trend shows that VR is coming back on the scene and will soon catch up into […]