How VR can improve athlete performance?

At first glance VR and top-level sports may seem antithetical. VR is practiced in a relatively small space with a relative freedom of movement whereas the high-level athlete needs the opposite to perform. In this article, we will show you, on the contrary, how VR can significantly help improve an athlete's performance. Improve your individual [...]

How we’re tackling low-latency challenges

In order to make VR-Together a truly interactive experience, users need to be able to interact in real-time with the situations they are living, and with other users’ actions. However, given the required amount of data generated by our volumetric representation technology and bandwidth considerations, we need a solution to maintain a low-latency delivery of [...]

VRTogether has launched a market research study covering VR trends and technologies

VRTogether’s members are currently analysing the market to provide a wide vision of the current market and the expected evolution of the immersive audiovisual products. The objectives of this study are t: Shed light on changing behaviours and associated expectations in audio-visual consumption. Assess the market potential of the solutions developed within VRTogether group both […]