Future Lighthouse

Future Lighthouse is a virtual reality studio operating at the crossroads of storytelling and innovation. We craft immersive stories, build fictional worlds and develop creative technologies.

VISION: Based in Madrid and Los Angeles.

We produce original VR content, VR experiences for brands, and co-produce third party content with like-minded leading studios. We focus on world-class quality production in both CGI and 360 stereoscopic video. We invest in developing our own proprietary technology and R&D projects to deliver the highest quality in our VR experiences.

We plan to license our technology to other producers.

  • VR Thinking – VR is a new language that requires new modes of storytelling and audience engagement
  • Synthesis of Great Creative and Technological Talent – Creativity takes technology to new limits and technology offer tremendous new opportunities for break-through creative
  • Cost Arbitrage – Focus on selling high-budget

Role in the project

El Faro del Futuro S.L. leads the content production for testing and evaluation purposes.