Pilot 3: Interactive Scenario (Visit at the Crime Location)

Scenario and Theme

Pilot 3 brings the third and last episode of the murder investigation story. This third chapter takes place in the victim’s apartment where the police team together with up to five real-time captured users work as a team to find clues and come up with a conclusion about what happened to the victim and the authority of the crime. This new experience adds new layers of interaction, enabling the users to interact with the environment, by touching objects, and to talk to the characters. It also allows navigating between dependences of the apartment, thus supporting 6DoF. These new features are supposed to increase the user’s engagement, who becomes a protagonist of the plot and not just a spectator, while still feeling together with other users in the shared environment.

The VR experience for pilot 3 lasts approximately 10 minutes.

Key Objectives

  • Develop and integrate technological components to enable 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) and interaction within VR environments
  • Increase the scalability of the system
  • Evaluate the benefits and potential impact of Social VR in interactive gaming- and fiction-like use cases
  • Provide satisfactory levels of presence, quality of interaction and togetherness 

Demo video

Not yet available

Pilot Execution

  • Planned in October-November 2020, at/between different User Lab nodes

Key Outcomes / Insights

To be listed soon, after pilot 3 execution

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