Guillermo Calahorra

Team Guillermo Calahorra He received the Business Administration and Management degree in 2016 and the Strategy, Business and Marketing Masters’ degree in 2017, both degrees from the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) and receiving the Academic Excellence award. Guillermo has a background in marketing and consumer behaviour research, publishing some of his papers in  different and [...]

Fernando Pérez

Team Fernando Pérez Video game developer for more than 30 years, developing games for 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits platforms, such as Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, PC DOS, Windows and PlayStation. Fernando has a great knowledge of the programming languages like C/C ++ and C#, language in which the vast majority of video games are [...]

Ana Revilla

Team Ana Revilla CEO of TheMo and Head of Extended Reality Lab. She holds a degree in Art History and a Masters in Cultural Management. She starts her career in the world of management of private artistic foundations and has an extensive training in business management. She currently develops her professional career in the field [...]

Ignacio Lacosta

Team Ignacio Lacosta CTO of TheMo and Manager of Extended Reality Lab.He has developed a relevant professional curriculum in technical direction and supervision of visual effects filming, being a senior VFX Supervisor and Senior CGI artist. Thanks to his experience with over a thousand filming carried out along with his formal education, he has become [...]

Javier Garcia-Lajara

Team Javier Garcia-Lajara He has more than 20 years of experience working with digital graphics in the most important video game companies in Spain like PyroStudios, creators of Commandos Saga and Planet 51. In the last 5 years he has been focusing his activity in Virtual Reality production, being as well part of the 3D [...]