The pilots will be a fundamental part of VR-Together. Each pilot will demonstrate complementary aspects of the VRTogether platform and the quality of the social experience.

Intimate Concert

Offline pilot to demonstrate that the innovative media format of VR-Together (orchestrating point clouds, 3DMesh based models and multiple video sources) can produce a more intimate and binding activity than more traditional content production pipelines, based on omnidirectional content. We will compare different capture and production techniques (video, point cloud capture, high-end motion capture) as well as combinations of them to determine quantitative balances among the different formats available (video, point clouds, time-varying meshes, dynamic meshes, motion data).

Particular care will be taken to integrate facial expression within the production pipeline, i.e. how we will capture the photorealistic 3D actors in costume. Different combination of methodologies and technologies will be studied to deliver the best possible balance between visual quality and cost efficiency in content production.

Live news

This pilot will demonstrate the live production of multi-source immersive content. We will study the conditions which maximize the connection between the audience and the news.

To realize this scenario, we foresee the creation and demonstration of a hybrid live production in order to allow several users to feel like being together inside an immersive virtual environment and to increase the feeling of connection with the environment thanks to embodied social interaction.

Interactive Fiction

Pilot to demonstrate how the VR-Together platform, in a custom-designed content production process, can allow for a novel form of content where users meet, and blend within the interactive immersive experience. Consumers will be able to watch passively but also to become a character.