The pilots will be a fundamental part of VRTogether. The project is going to create a coherent storyline across three pilots (each one of them being one scene in an overall plot).

The plotline relates to a police theme (police investigation or interrogation), which will fulfil the basic requirements of the project. This storyline will exploit the uniqueness of the project, a team composed of technical and artistic experts, by creating a brand new experience of social VR that makes the most of the writing possibilities.

Pilot 1: communication between remote participants

The first pilot will consist of an interrogatory room with a one-way mirror. The users will be behind a one-way mirror of an interrogation room. Although users will be next to each other, each user would see their own interrogation room, both being aware that the other user is having their own story. In the end, participants have a conversation about their impressions on the scenes they have just experienced.

Pilot 2: scalability of the platform

Available soon

Pilot 3: interactivity with the content

Available soon